In 1981, the streamlined PINCH-GRIP was created with grooved jaws, power-V-slot and line organizer to make a versatile, easy-to-use sinker. This is the finest easy-to-use sinker in the world. Soft, flexible ears and grooved grip mean its easy on the line, and easy to remove.

Streamlined Pinch-Grip®

Here's another good example of Water Gremlin "Fishin' Sinker Technology." We took the old Pinch-On Sinker and completely redesigned it to help you catch more fish.

The new streamlined shape lets you take your bait down through the weeds where the "keepers" bite. The new streamlined Pinch-Grip is easy to use too. Just squeeze the flexible ears easily on and off your line using only finger pressure. No tools needed! The revolutionary powr-V slot and grooved design jaws grip line tenaciously . . . yet gently, without damage.

Revolutionary new grooved design jaws grip line firmly yet gently.

Power-V slot cinches the line. Keeps sinker from sliding. Gives additional holding power.

Line organizer keeps your line on center to keep it from twisting.

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