You know, when we developed the Rubbercor® sinker in 1949, it was the first truly original idea in sinkers since the rock.

There are many good reasons for our Rubbercor's® long time popularity, Water Gremlin's Rubbercor® will not weaken your expensive line or ruin your chances of landing that big one.

Rubbercor® is simple to use. It slips easily on and off your line. Just give the rubber ears a half twist in opposite directions and Rubbercor® is ready to take your bait down to where the fish are biting. Your line is protected by the robber core inside the lead sleeve. To remove, simply twist the ears back to their original positions. There's no tying, no pinching, no fuss and no mess. Rubbercor® is safe to use; even on the lightest monofilament line, yet it will hug your line like crazy. . . that's why successful anglers have been going crazy over Rubbercor all these years.


n 1949, Water Gremlin developed the original RUBBERCOR® sinker ... probably the first innovation in sinkers since the Rock. Over the next 45 years, Water Gremlin helped change fishing in America.

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