Light Line Method

Water Gremlin's Snap-Loc is undoubtedly one of the world's most versatile, easy-to-use sinkers. It works just great for bottom or drift fishing.

The secret is in Snap-Loc's amazing patented Snap-Loc eye that snaps on and off your line in the wink of an eye. There's no twisting, no tying, no knots, no fuss and no line damage.

The Snap-Loc eye allows you to snap the sinker on the line for free-line fishing. With the Snap-Loc sinker sliding free on the line, it will go to the bottom and then allow you to work the bait off bottom like a pulley. The fish can now take your bait without feeling the weight of your Snap-Loc sinker.

Water Gremlin's Snap-Loc can also be snapped onto the eye of the leader to make twist-proof trolling rigs.


Astute anglers learned long ago that to consistently catch the finicky feeders, like the walleye, it's often beneficial to present your bait in the most natural way possible. The most commonly used rig incorporates a live bait on a snelled hook, a small swivel clip and a sliding sinker.

The idea is to have your sinker put the bait at the desired depth with the bait trailing freely on the snell behind. Injecting air into the night crawler or using a floating jig head will bring the bait a little off bottom and into the "pay zone." When you feel the slightest indication of a bite, feed the fish line. The Snap-Loc will rest quietly on the bottom while the hungry fish can freely pull out as much line as he wants, without feeling the weight of the sinker.

After a brief pause, depending on the bait used, lock your reel and take up all the slack. When you can barely feel the weight of the fish set the hook sharply with one swift upward motion. This method works well when still fishing, but can be pure dynamite when slow trolling.

A definite plus for the live bait angler is the fact you can change sinker weights in an instant without having to cut the line and retie every time. When depth or structure changes, you can have the RIGHT weight all the time. This makes the Snap-Loc the most versatile interchangeable live bait sinker yet invented.

Another plus for the Snap-Loc is the fact that it sits on end every time while the fish is taking line. There's never the problem of it falling over and causing drag on the line for the fish to feel.

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In 1970, the snap-LOC® Dipsey was developed. This amazing piece of Gremlin engineering has an eye that snaps on or off the line in a wink.

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