Sinker success year after year. For over 60 years Water Gremlin has been helping fishermen with one successful sinker innovation after another.

Water Gremlin Fishing sinkers are uniquely American-Designed and built to make fishing easier -- to help you catch more fish. That's why they've been America's favorite fishin' sinker since 1949.

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Our squeezable, soft split shot can be squeezed on and off our line with just finger pressure. No tools or teeth needed.

The Gremlin created the original Rubbercor Sinker over half a century ago...probably the first truly original sinker idea since the rock. Just twist the ears and Rubbercor is ready to use.

Snap-Loc's amazing eye snaps on and off your line. No tying, no fuss and no line damage. One of the world's most versatile, easy-to-use sinkers.

Another unique piece of Gremlin engineering featuring a streamlined shape, flexible ears, powr-v-slot and grooved design jaw.

Streamlined shape with concave base that covers the nose of the worm. Perfectly designed for going after hard-to-get-at bass. Super tough--won't dent up on the rocks.

Water Gremlin's new BULLet Shaped Split SHOT is the easiest way to put a little weedless weight on your line. It's as easy to use as our good old Split Shot, and weedless as any slip sinker you've ever used. BULL●SHOT.

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